Check out the answers to different questions related to travel insurance policies in India.


1. When does the cover begin?
Ans: The Insurance Cover commences on the day specified in the Policy Schedule or the time you board the conveyance to leave for onward overseas journey.

2. Till when is the policy valid?
Ans: Insurance Cover shall terminate (i) with the end of Insurance Period i.e. the period for which the premium has been paid or (ii) when the insured person first disembarks on return to India.

3. What happens if my trip gets extended for reasons beyond my control?
Ans: You can get the policy extended by sending a request to the insurer in India and on payment of additional premium

4. Who would I have to get in touch with if I meet with an accident abroad?
Ans: In case of any emergency, wherein you might need immediate medical care or assistance, you should contact the international assistance center of the insurance company.

5. Who can apply for this policy?
Ans: This Policy is available to persons between the ages of 6 months to 75 years at the commencement date of the Policy.

6. What do you mean by personal Liability?
Ans: While on a trip, your personal liability will arise if you, suddenly or unintentionally, happen to hurt somebody physically (a stranger or anybody other than a person who is accompanying you on the trip) or if that leads to an accident, where you are legally liable to a third party under statutory liability provisions or in common law for an incident resulting death or injury of such third party or damage to his / her property.

7. In case I don’t want the policy anymore, can I get it cancelled?
Ans: You can get your policy cancelled only if you have not undertaken the journey and you produce your passport as a proof that the journey has not been undertaken. Any such request of cancellation will be entertained up to 14 days after the first date of insurance as indicated in the schedule of the policy.

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