Check out the answers to the questions related to personal accident insurance plans in India

1. What is Personal Accident Insurance?
Ans: Personal Accident Insurance offers you various benefits if you are unlucky to get hit by an accident. These benefits range from a tax free cash lump sum if you die or are permanently disabled due to being involved in an accident or temporarily unable to work as a result of being in an accident.

2. Why do I need Personal Accident Insurance?
Ans: In India, grave accidents can take place any time! Personal Accident Insurance allows you to protect yourself against the financial consequences of your being unable to work due to any sudden accident.

3. What am I covered for and for how much?
Ans: When you save a quote or before you buy, you will see a summary of cover specific to your choices detailing specifically the cover types and levels of cover you have chosen.

4. Who will get the money in the event of my accidental death?
Ans: The payment of any claim would form part of your estate. If you have a Will, then whoever administers your estate would deal with it as per the Will.

5. What we define as an accident?
Ans: An accident is a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event which occurs at an identifiable time and place during the period of insurance.

6. What is meant by permanent total disablement?
Ans: Permanent total disablement means disablement caused by an accident which has rendered you unable to carry out your usual profession for the rest of your life.

7. What is meant by extended disablement?
Ans: Extended disablement generally means you suffer the loss, or use, of some of your senses or limbs as a result of an accident e.g. loss of hearing and so forth.

8. If I cancel my personal accident insurance, would I get my money back?
Ans: This insurance is a ‘protection’ product and not an investment one; hence it has no surrender value and no refund of premium is due to you. Contact us to know more on this matter.

9. I already have a disability, can I get disability cover?
Ans: Yes, but whilst your policy wording would not change, we would specifically exclude any pre-existing disability (for instance loss of hearing if you are already deaf or loss of sight if you are already blind) so you would not benefit from all aspects of the cover.