Cashless Garage List

A comprehensive car insurance policy is highly sought-after these days with increasing events of road mishap. Nowadays, motor insurance companies are armed with cashless garage network to facilitate policyholders with cashless claims. Your car insurance cover makes you eligible to get your vehicle repaired at those garages that are mentioned in the cashless garage list of your car insurance provider. You just have to go through the cashless garage list of your car insurer and once you find a garage in the cashless garage network list you don’t have to pay anything for repair. Your car insurer is supposed to settle the deal with any garage in its garages network.

Benefits of availing car insurance cover with wide cashless garage network list

A cashless car insurance plan makes you entitled to avail cashless service at any garages in the Cashless Garage Network List of your motor insurance provider. Your insurance company will take care of the expenses for repair done at a garage mentioned in company’s cashless garage list. So, the cashless garage network lets you make the most of cashless facility. If you follow the below mentioned steps you need not to spend anything:

First of all, you need to inform your car insurance provider about damages occurred
Then you have to submit your policy documents to the garage listed in the cashless garage network
Get your repaired car back home without having to spend anything.

How does a car insurance firm form Garages Network?

Car insurance providers have collaborated with specific garages to establish a comprehensive Cashless Garage List. One of the chief outcomes of the collaboration is all establishments in garages network will repair your vehicle according to the coverage on offer and the car insurance firms pay for the expenses.

After a detailed assessment of the bill and verifying the details, Since the insurance company take care of the payment to all workshops in the Cashless Garage Network List after assessing all the details and bills you can enjoy the cashless facility in your provider’s garages network. .However, you should keep in mind that Cashless Garage Network offers this facility only for the repair of the insured parts. If the damaged parts are excluded from the coverage like accessories, engine you have to bear the charges as no workshop in Cashless Garage List of your car insurer will provide service for free.

Choose only the garage mentioned in Cashless Garage List

The cashless facility is available only in outlets in your car insurer’s Garage List. Most car insurance companies boast wide Cashless Garage Network across India where their policyholders can avail cashless service. Most insurers display their cashless garage network list on their portals.

Garage List

Bharti AXA Insurance Cashless Garage
HDFC Ergo Insurance Cashless Garage
Iffco Tokio Insurance Cashless Garage
L & T Insurance Cashless Garage

Reliance General Insurance Cashless Garage
United India Insurance Cashless Garage
Universal Sompo General Insurance Cashless Garage