About Shriram Life Insurance Co, Ltd

Shriram Life Insurance Co, Ltd. came into operation in the year 2006. Since its conception, it has seen good amount of profits in the first three years, back to back. During that period of time, no other company has achieved this distinction. Considering the growth figures after 7 years in operation, Shriram Life has earned the designation of the most profitable service providers of life insurance, in comparison to its rival insurance providers. The company outshines its competitors in respect to proficient capital usage and relatively low operational costs.

The company is especially dedicated to the common man. Therefore, its founders have always focused on the rural market. Shriram Life Insurance generates over 40 percent of its total business via this segment only. This again confirms there business model that is made for the ‘Aam Aadmi’. The insurance provider also has an exceptional Underwriting Record. The Underwriting profits have surfaced year after year, consecutively.